When I was lounging in Central Park with my girlfriends towards the beginning of summer, I had this overwhelming feeling come over me about how lucky I am to have so many amazing women in my life. Each and every single one of my girlfriends inspires me in some way. I leave every coffee date, dinner, rosé-fueled afternoon, brunch, and weekend getaway with them feeling refreshed, more knowledgeable, and ready to take on the world. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized just how important it is to surround yourself with only the best of people. You are the company you keep, after all.

Hallie and I always joke about how we’re life partners, but it’s really not that far from the truth. She’s always pushing me to ‘live my best life,’ as we call it. Whether that means another glass of rosé on a Saturday night or an extra Soul Cycle class during the week, Hallie is my partner in crime for all of it. Wine-induced therapy sessions, chatting about debacles with blogging and work, planning for the future, making both big and small decisions… I talk it all out with Hallie. She’s basically my rock. #LezBeHonest

Lauren is one of my favorite people to hang out with. We met back in Chicago and are now both living in New York so we’ve got quite a history together! From happy hours in the city to weekend trips to the Hamptons, Lauren is always such a fun time. Beyond that, though, she’s also one of the most driven people I know. Anytime we’re chatting, we always end up scheming about something and figuring out how we’ll make it happen in the future. Oh, and she’s also my go-to-girl for any Hinder (Hinge + Tinder) advice. Single girlfriends really are a godsend in NYC!

Carly is easily one of the smartest girls I know! We’re only one day apart, but there are times when I feel like Carly is years older than me. She’s always full of business advice and really great ideas and it’s seriously inspiring to see all of the thing she has going on with TCP. Wise beyond her years, that’s for sure!

Julia makes me want to be a healthier person every time I’m around her! Other than the fact that she’s running the marketing for a start up (Nourish Snacks) and owns her own store, she’s in killer shape, always cooking up delicious and healthy meals, always carrying a green juice with her, and is always teaching me something about health and fitness.

Hitha was one of my very first “blogging friends” and we quickly became friends IRL (in real life), too. Hitha is SUCH a go-getter! The girl travels more than I can even keep up with, started her own company, has a Quarterly box, and so much more. Oh, and did I mention that she is the VP of Business Development at her day job? NBD.

I’ve never really thought about this until now, but Grace is basically one of my role models. We have similar work backgrounds (both used to work in beauty and now work in jewelry) and somehow I always find myself talking to her about work and the balance of blog & work. I seriously don’t know how Grace does it! She has a killer blog, a full-time (and then some) job at a start-up (Bauble Bar), and still manages to work out, go out, and is always so bubbly and looks so put together. Teach me your ways, girlfriend. Teach. Me. Your. Ways!

Victoria is that friend that truly makes you strive to be a better version of yourself. The girl just has her shit to-ge-ther! From the surface level things like having the most gorgeous well-decorated apartment, the cutest dog (and a whole slew of advice for a girl looking to raise a puppy in the city soon! #HintHint), and knowing how to throw the most fabulous get-togethers… To the really kick-ass qualities like running her own company and always having the most sound and professional business advice.

And last but not least, Mackenzie. I’m so in awe of the fact that Mackenzie set out to do what she wanted to do from such a young age! Who starts their own company right after graduating from college? Mackenzie. Its so fun to watch how much her online store, Design Darling, grows and grows and grows. While on the topic of Design Darling, Mackenzie turned 25 over the weekend and is currently having a huge sale in her store! You can use the code BIRTHDAYBASH for 25% off your entire order. But hurry, ends today! (Monday, 8/11)

I’m working on my gallery wall and absolutely have to add this print! These are my favorite pens. I have this Hustle print and absolutely love it. Can’t get enough of this serving tray! I have this wine opener and it’s great!  How cute is this espresso print?

More of my Design Darling favorites below..

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  1. 8.11.14
    Kayla commented:

    You and your friends look like you’re having so much fun together! It’s beyond cute!

  2. 8.11.14
    Jo Sharma-Stray commented:

    What an amazing set of girlfriends you have. I have just moved to New York from the UK and am missing all my girlfriends so much, I can’t wait until I have made some more special friends in the US too.

    Jo | A Little Pop Of Coral

  3. 8.11.14
    Kimberly commented:

    I loved this post – it’s so important for us to support & cheer each other on as women and it sounds like you have an amazing crew who do just that! 🙂

  4. 8.11.14

    So, it’s been decided…. I’m moving to NYC and going to become bff’s with you & Hallie! I love following you two through instagram and twitter- y’all are hilarious and so fun!! Having a good group of girlfriends is the best!

  5. 8.11.14
    Meagan commented:

    Girlfriends are the best! You’re lucky to have so many fabulous ladies in your life!

  6. 8.11.14
    Ellen Borza commented:

    Good girlfriends are a MUST! I love that I have my good girlfriends at school, but I still keep in touch with a few girls from home. And even though we’re not always together, when we are, it feels like no time has passed!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  7. 8.11.14
    Molly Galler commented:

    What an amazing dedication to your best girls!

  8. 8.11.14

    Awww, I love this post…. thank you! I’m honored to be included, though I don’t think I’m a very good role model right now… ha. (Lately I feel like I’m doing too much and just half-assing everything!) I LOVE the term Hinder (hilarious) and hope I get to see you soooon!!! xoxoxo

  9. 8.11.14
    Justine commented:

    What an awesome post! You and your friends are so cute, Jess. Thanks for sharing! <3

  10. 8.11.14

    Jess! You made my day with this post! Like Grace, not feeling so much of a go-getter right now, but I loved reading these words and feel so damn blessed to have you and the rest of these amazing women in my life. SEE YOU SOON! xoxoxo

  11. 8.11.14

    I love this post so much. It’s so sweet. (Written with a green juice in hand!)

  12. 8.11.14
    Victoria commented:

    What a sweet post! I’m honestly so humbled by the things you wrote about me, Jess. Thank you so much! Though, I’m with you 100% on your words about everyone else!

    Also, we need to get a better picture together, stat. And by better, I mean more sober. True story: I have not been able to have rosé since that night! #oy

  13. 8.11.14
    Ella commented:

    I follow the blogs of all these ladies! Great circle of friends you’ve got 🙂

  14. 8.11.14

    Everyone needs a great group of women to keep them motivated and grounded. This post makes me want to give each of my gal pals a hug and thank you for being there for me 🙂 Thanks for the reminder Jess!

  15. 8.11.14
    Hannah commented:

    Love this post..I recently graduated college and am realizing how important solid girlfriends truly are!

  16. 8.11.14
    Lauren Nelson commented:

    JESS! Love you and this post!! I’m so glad we became friends over three years ago. That’s so crazy to even think about! #girlpower #blondetauk #hinder. Xoxoxo

  17. 8.12.14
    Katie Albury commented:

    Loved this post and so in sync with my thoughts this morning…it’s so important as we get older to make time for our friends and to grow together rather than apart. x

  18. 8.12.14
    Wendy commented:

    It’s so great to have a variety of girlfriends that you admire and can have fun with. I’m sure they feel the same about you! 🙂

  19. 8.12.14
    Elana Nanscawen commented:

    Loved this post. It warmed and inspired my heart. Girlfriends are the best!


    Super Color Fashionistic

  20. 8.14.14
    Sam commented:

    Love this! So glad you have such a fabulous network of girlfriends! It’s easy to get swallowed up and discouraged by the craziness that is New York City, so it’s extra important to have supporters, cheerleaders, and fellow wine lovers in your corner. I’m here for you too, anytime!