New to Me in NYC

There’s really nothing I love more than a trip to New York City. (Except for the fact that I usually leave wondering why I ever moved away…) I visited at the beginning of the summer, but with my crazy travel schedule in July and August, I didn’t make it back for a visit until this month. And I guess I made up for lost time because I’ve been there twice in the last few weeks! ha But let’s talk about the first of my most recent trips.. Shall we? Lots of great recommendations!

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Fall Florals

I’m all about easy dresses that can be worn now, but will transition seamlessly to cooler fall weather, too! Meet my new favorite dress: this little floral number from Nordstrom that’s under $80. I picked up this dress for NYFW and liked it so much that I ended up wearing it twice… Once to the Project Runway finale taping and once with a straw hat and crossbody bag for brunch with friends!

I actually just landed in London early this morning (more on that to come!) and packed this dress again for London Fashion Week. This time, I plan on styling it with a pair of black over-the-knee boots (either flat or heeled, depending on my day) and a moto jacket!

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Style for Every State

To me, Chicago is all about the juxtaposition. The picture-perfect serene lakefront right next to the expansive skyline… The most amazing summers and the harshest of winters… The big-city feel with the small town vibe… The list could go on and on!

My style is definitely influenced by my surroundings and for some, style is all about where you grew up – I’m sure you can relate to one or the other! (Or maybe even both!) Considering I grew up in a “village” of 3,000 people in the middle of a cornfield, I wouldn’t necessarily say my style is influenced by small-town Illinois. But it’s always been important to me to remember where I came from, in a lot of different ways.

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Snail Mail

Snail Mail has always been my favorite kind of mail. Long before the days of text messages, Snapchatstweets and emails, my middle school girlfriends and I used to send each other letters in the mail even though we lived in the same town. Sure, we talked on the landline every night, but we sent each other notes through the post office simply because it was fun to get mail. And while I was so upset when my childhood friend moved away in 4th grade, I was excited about finally having a “pen pal.” Honestly, not much has changed in my snail mail mentality. I still get extremely overjoyed from both sending and receiving snail mail!

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