What I Wore on Thanksgiving

Hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving! I drove to my hometown yesterday morning to spend part of the weekend with my family. We started the day driving out to the farm and ended with dinner at a family friend’s house that we’ve been eating Thanksgiving dinner with for the last 17 years! It was great to catch up with my family, spending quality time with my grandmother, and, of course, snuggle with the dogs.

I’ve been getting a ton of questions on Snapchat about this sweater the few times I’ve worn it since I picked it up in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, it’s nowhere to be found online! (I got it at a store in Causeway Bay called Collect Point.) I searched and searched for similar styles and here’s what I found…

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JetSet Style: What I Wear When I Travel

The day before Thanksgiving is said to be the busiest travel day of the year… Are you headed anywhere today? After all of my trips this year, I’m thrilled to not be hopping on a plane today. (I’ll be making the four hour drive to my hometown in the morning!) I’ve been on 46 flights so far this year and if I’ve learned anything, it’s how to dress for the airports and plane rides! I’m not one to wear sweatpants to the airport, but you won’t catch me super dressed up on a flight either. A comfy and casual, but put-together outfit is my go-to jetset style…. Something functional that doesn’t skimp on the fashion front either. Here are a few tips I keep in mind when it comes to travel style…

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gift guide || my wish list

Holy moly, you guys. How is tomorrow already Thanksgiving?! I was out of town for all of November (just got back to Chicago on Monday!) so I really feel like the holiday snuck up on me this year. I typically start my gift guides around the blog’s birthday (November 12th marked 6 years!), but it just didn’t happen with my travel schedule. I’ve been scouring the web since I got back and pulling together lots of great gift round-ups to share over the coming weeks! I always try to do my “25 Days of Gift Guides” each holiday season, but there might not be a full 25 this year since I’m getting a late start. But don’t worry, there will still be plenty of my present picks to help you cross everyone off your shopping list!

I always like to kick off my annual gift guide series with my personal holiday wish list! Since my family now flies down to Florida for Christmas each year, I always just ask for my flight as my gift. So while I’m not technically giving this list to anyone (unless you’re reading this, Santa!), it’s always kind of fun to create a wish list for the season! Here’s what I’ve got my eye on…

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the biggest j.crew sale ever — seriously!

I am in the midst of creating all of my annual holiday gift guides and was just browsing J.Crew and stumbled upon the biggest sale they’ve ever done! 40% off basically everything. FORTY PERCENT. What?! I seriously re-read the fine print like ten times over thinking my jet lag was getting the best of me. Nope, this is real people. Christmas came early! It’s the first time J.Crew has ever done 40%… I’ve seen 35% before (I think it was Black Friday or Cyber Monday a few years ago… I remember snagging a pair of glittery pumps!), but never 40%. And unfortunately for our wallets, their holiday collection is so, so good. Eeks, it’s going to be hard not to do some major damage! I feel like those red siren lights are going off in my head right now…

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