Ruffled Sleeve Sweater + Suede Skirt

We’ve had a handful of sixty-something degree days in Chicago recently and it’s been so nice not to be bundled up before heading outside! Over the weekend, I took that as an excuse to extend bare leg season a little bit longer… Pretty sure it won’t be happening again until the spring. Womp, womp. I’ve only gotten out my tights once this fall/winter, but I have a feeling they’ll be in heavy rotation soon!

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Gift Guide #10: For the Guys

I’m guilty of it, too, but when it comes to gifts for guys, it always seems like our minds first go towards something alcohol-related. I’m not saying that’s a bad gift (a few fun options above!), but that doesn’t apply to all guys. Figuring out what to get the guys in your life is always kind of tough so I figured we’d dive a little bit deeper into this one today!

As I mentioned in this gift guide, guys tend to prefer useful gifts. Whether it’s a gadget or a watch, I think it’s always a good rule of thumb to make sure the item you’re gifting will get a lot of use. While I’m all for something pretty that sits of a shelf, guys usually don’t see the value in that.

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Festive Fringe

Happy Monday! Sharing one of my holiday outfits today… I wore this out to dinner over the weekend. We’ve been having a little bit of a warm front here in Chicago and it’s been so nice to not have to bundle up. Since it’s now December, I figured I’d add a little holiday glam to my regular dinner attire with a sparkly tweed jacket, coated jeans (I live in these all winter long!), and a festive fringe top.

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Bomber Jacket + Boyfriend Jeans

When I’m keeping it casual on the weekend, sometimes I go into full-on Sporty Spice mode. I’ve always said that I just dress to my mood everyday… Sometimes it’s super preppy, sometimes it’s uber colorful, sometimes it’s extra feminine, sometimes I’m in all black, and sometimes it’s a little more masculine. Whether you’re keeping it kind of sporty for brunch or heading to watch a sporting event with your friends, a bomber jacket and boyfriend jeans is a comfortable (but cute!) combo.

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Gift Guide #9: Stock the Bar

Took a little break with the gift guides over the holiday weekend, but they’re back this week! Today’s gift suggestions are for the mixologists in the making and those that appreciate a well-appointed bar cart. I rounded up a variety of items that a) I have and love, b) I’ve given myself, or c) just make for really cute gifts.

Hands down, the most useful gift in this guide is the Rabbit Wine Opener! (I absolutely love this rose gold version!) I received mine as a housewarming gift back in 2011 and it’s moved across the US and back with me… It’s *the best* wine opener. Since then, I’ve gifted it to countless other friends and family members!

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