Beauty Buff // Vol. 3: Shiseido Ultimune

Eye creams and eye serums have always been one of my most sought-after beauty products. I’m constantly trying new products to find what works best for that delicate under-eye area. Chalk it up to not enough sleep, but I’m battling dark circles and bags every single day. I’m consistently getting better with the sleep thing (most weeks!), but dark circles linger and I’m starting to see more fine lines as I get older. Oh, the joys of growing up!

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Gingham Dress at Belmont Harbor

One of the best things about summertime in Chicago is the lakefront! There are multiple harbors, beaches, and parks along the lake, and miles and miles of lakefront paths to walk, run, or bike on. A few years ago, my friends and I chartered a sailboat (and captain! ha) for 4th of July weekend and it was easily one of my best memories out on Lake Michigan. The city skyline views from the lake are incredible!

You can easily access Belmont Harbor without being a boat owner, you just can’t go out onto the docks. When Melissa and I were here, it was a sunny day so the water looked extra blue and you can faintly see the Hancock building and some of the skyline in the background! Picture perfect.

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Oxford Shirt + Gingham Skirt

Hope you had a fun Memorial Day Weekend! Now that it’s unofficially summer, my blue and white wardrobe is here to stay. Blue and white with pops of red ends up being my go-to color combination all season long, at least during the day anyway. I’ve always been a gingham girl, but it’s oh-so-appropriate during the summer months. I can’t get enough!

When I saw this gingham skirt on sale (+ an extra 30% off!), I knew I had to scoop it up! It pairs perfectly with a crisp white shirt, but you could have fun with other pops of color or even mix it with another print, like stripes. (PS: the skirt has pockets, too!)

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Rosé All Day

It’s National Wine Day, did you know? A holiday that I can definitely get behind as we come into Memorial Day Weekend! I’m not much of a white wine drinker and while I love a glass of red wine (or two…) in the colder months, we all know I’m a rosé girl. Remember that summer that the Hamptons was drank out of rosé, like, two years ago? Just so happened to be the summer that I spent a lot of weekends there. The number of people that sent me that article was kind of impressive and also alarming…

While I obviously agree that rosé is the best beverage to sip on during a warm summer day or night, it surprisingly pairs really well with a lot of different foods, too!

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