Ruffled & Ripped

I don’t know what it is lately, but I’ve been gravitating towards clean black and white outfits! I picked up this white ruffled shirt, and it’s been the perfect piece to wear with jeans of all colors. So easy to slip on, but it adds such a statement to an otherwise simple outfit!

With the ruffle detail, you won’t be able to tuck this shirt into your pants or skirts, but it’s slightly flared out so it fits nicely over the hips. It could be fun with a pair of slim-fit work pants, too!

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What to Wear With: Grey Jeans

Continuing from yesterday’s denim discussion, back today with one more color conundrum. Grey jeans are another one that used to stump me! Sure, they’re easy to wear with neutrals – whiteblackmore greynavy blueburgundy, and even dark green. And they’re easy to dress down with a pair of sneakers. But how to keep them feeling fresh and feminine and prevent them from looking drab, especially when it’s still August?! Soft hues like blush pink, slate blue, and hints of purple are the answer!

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Black Denim: Work Week to Weekend

As soon as summer starts to fade to fall, my wardrobe foundation slowly transitions from dresses and skirts to denim, denim, and more denim. Just like dresses, I firmly believe that you can never have too many pairs of jeans… Especially when you wear a pair almost every single day from September to May!

One of my favorite places to shop for jeans is Express. You’ve seen me wearing Express jeans on the blog for years and years, since the very beginning! The fit of their mid-rise and high-rise skinny jeans is perfect for my pear-shaped bottom half. A lot of times it can be hard for me to find jeans that fit both in the waist and the hips… Most of the time it’s either or.

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Seven Tips for Summer Travel

Summer is all about that relaxed state of mind, but it can also be quite the opposite when it comes to travel plans. To ensure your vacation is as rejuvenating as it should be and as stress-free as possible, I’ve listed out my top seven tips for summer travel!

1. If you don’t have TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry (which automatically gets you Pre-Check) and travel often, JUST DO IT! Save yourself a whole lot of time and headache with the long security lines that are synonymous with summer. Sure, the Pre-Check lines might look long, too, but they move a heck of a lot faster.

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