Hurry, Hurry! Lilly Pulitzer After-Party Sale Starts Right Now!

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Information

Ahh, you guys! This is major. The infamous Lilly Pulitzer After-Party Sale starts right now! I try not to post about every sale that comes along, but this one happens only twice a year and it is G-O-O-D. Prices are usually around half off! Lilly prints don’t go out of style, they’re colorful brights you’ll wear for years to come. So if Lilly is your thing, this sale is a must-shop! And let’s be honest… Who couldn’t use a package full of brightly colored clothing right now? (The girl writing this, who has been wearing all black everyday, definitely could!)

You’re going to be placed into a queue when you go to the website. Don’t panic, this is normal! DO NOT REFRESH YOUR BROWSER. If you do, you’re essentially losing your place in line and will start over in the back of the line. (Read more FAQs here!)

Okay, stop reading and go snag your place in line while you read the rest of this post!

While you’re browsing and adding things to your cart, remember than an item isn’t yours until you pay for it. Items in your cart are not reserved! This is generally where things get tricky and people start sending mean tweets. Another person may have the same thing in their cart and check out before you. So try to be speedy while you’re shopping!

Once you checkout, you’ll be placed at the end of the line again. (This is new!) So, like I said, shop fast and then checkout once and for all.

And lastly, don’t worry too much! I’ve snagged plenty of things late in the afternoon in previous sales.

Good luck, friends! Let me know what you end up getting. xx JRS

2pm UPDATE: There are still so so so so many great pieces!! The prices are insane and there are a ton of size options left, too. My wait time was only about 10 mins!

A few of my favorite Lilly dresses from the past few years…

Bows & Sequins wearing a colorful Lilly Pulitzer dress at a beachfront resort in Mexico.

Bows & Sequins wearing a Lilly Pulitzer Wrap Dress at the Brazilian Court hotel in Palm Beach, Florida!

Bows & Sequins wearing a Lilly Pulitzer dress at North Avenue Beach in Chicago

See the original post here!

Bows & Sequins wearing a white lace Lilly Pulitzer dress!

See the original post here!

Bows & Sequins wearing a seersucker Lilly Pulitzer dress!

See the original post here!

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  1. 1.5.17
    Sophie Stewart commented:

    Amazing sale! I’m in the queue, hopefully will get in soon! Sophie x

    • 1.5.17
      Jessica commented:

      Hope you got in quickly! Find anything good?!

  2. 1.5.17
    caroline commented:

    I saw on a post elsewhere about people just scooping up whatever for resale. I didn’t even know that was a thing!
    x0x0 Caroline

    • 1.5.17
      Jessica commented:

      Right?! So awful.

  3. 1.5.17
    Jandrew commented:

    Lily Pulitzer is a design original and the prints are indeed timeless
    Thanks for the great blog.

  4. 1.6.17
    maria commented:

    Would like to order a few dress, however, I live in Ontario, Is there a way to order online and ship it here. I understand they don’t ship internationally yet.

    • 1.20.17
      Jessica commented:

      Such a bummer they don’t ship to Canada yet. Sorry lady!