Friday Finds || Week 38

What a week! This was my first ‘normal’ week since the end of July and it felt good to be back in a bit of a routine. Eating healthy, working out, sleeping well, settling into my morning groove, catching up on work, planning for the season ahead… Sounds pretty mundane, but it was a nice change of pace. And oh my gosh, THE WEATHER! I hate to be one of those people that always harps on the weather (both the good and the bad), but my mood is always so affected by it. I’ve been on cloud nine this week, you guys! We’ve been so, so lucky in Chicago… It truly feels like summer! (Honestly, it’s like 90 degrees.) The forecast is calling for 88 and sunny all weekend long so I guess I got my wish with one more pool weekend before the seasons shift for good. You know where to find me… 😉

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Playfully Preppy + 2 New Parisian Places in Chicago!

When it comes to fall clothing, I’m all about the playfully preppy details. I love taking basic wardrobe staples (like denim, sweaters, and jackets) and mixing them with a few classic prints for a fun pattern pop. The more layers and textures, the merrier! Each little (unexpected) detail helps to complete the outfit.

When you’re mixing prints, you really can’t go wrong if you stick to the classics… Stripes, leopard print, polka dots, and even camo. It’s all fair game! Preppy with a twist, just the way I like it. Give your outfit some extra personality by having fun with your prints!

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Peplum + Pops of Color

Just because summer is on it’s way out doesn’t mean I’m shying away from pops of color just yet! While I tend to wear lots of white and brights throughout the warmer months, I always start gravitating towards neutrals once fall has run it’s course and the winter is dragging on. What can I say, the weather always affects my mood and my mood totally affects what I choose to wear in the morning. (You, too?!) So while it’s still warm, I’ll be taking advantage of the cheery, colorful clothing in my closet.

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7 Tips for Throwing a Pool Party

I can hardly believe that Labor Day weekend has come and gone! Where did the season go?! I was very mindful to savor every single second of summer, but it’s still so bittersweet to see it on it’s way out. (Actually, there’s really nothing sweet. Just bitter, tbh.) Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though… Fall doesn’t technically start until later this week, but seeing as this last weekend was GORGEOUS in Chicago and the forecast is looking pretty promising, maybe we’ll get lucky enough for another pool weekend or two? Here’s to wishful thinking! (And FYI: There’s a pretty epic discount code at the end of this post, so be sure to take advantage!)

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Summer Stripes

I’ll be back in Chicago this afternoon (currently writing this from 30,000 ft!) and I was beyond thrilled when I took a little peek at the forecast this week! It’s felt like fall for the last two weeks in France and if there’s anything to ease the heartache of leaving Paris, it’s warm summer-like weather in Chicago.

I wore this casual combo for dinner with a girlfriend when I was in town a few weeks ago. You can’t go wrong with the classic combination of a striped top and white jeans, especially when you’re holding on to these final few summer moments.

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